GeoFencing Case Study


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GeoFencing - A Case Study

Let us walk you through how it works

This example is for a Real Estate Agency, but the process is the same for any type of business or service that you may offer

So let’s say you own Freds Real Estate agency in Mosman right here in Sydney, and our mission is to take the people that are going to competing real estate agencies, or even your competitors local home opens, and get them to come to you instead.

This is a simple way of digging through all the rubble to find the diamonds. They are the potential, buyers, the sellers and the landlords. Ok, you may also target a few potential tenants while your at it, but surely that is better than trying to find these people by the normal means of marketing.

These are the hottest leads you will ever find and we can give you direct access to them


Here’s how we do it

So, we come to an actual satellite image of the area, and we draw a digital fence around your office. We draw a ring fence around all the other real estate agents in the Mosman area. This means, that anytime anybody comes into the perimeter of that fence, aka, comes into XYZ Real Estate in Mosman, and they have their phone on them, we’ll be able to send them your message, and we can also tell if they’ve seen one of your ads.


Now it’s time to go hunting for your competitor’s customers

What we do, is we look at the map, and we see what other agents are nearby. And, as you can see, we have 3 other agents in the area. One of them is XYZ Real Estate and another is ABC Real Estate, so I’ll draw a ring fence around them, and we’ve got another competitor here, a little agency called BEST Realestate, and while we’re at it, we might as well start using some good old – fashioned creativity, and take advantage of some other places that might be in the area.

Other places that may also be of interest maybe like, a premium home open, home loan centres, lawyers and settlement agencies etc. All places that a potential home buyer may visit and we will then try to get them to head on over to your business.


Anytime somebody comes into these businesses or homes, and they’ve got their phone on them, and their phone is connected to the internet, we can essentially tag them.

We’ll know, this person is one of your competitors’ customers, and then we can start showing them your ads all over the internet.

We can do the same thing with home opens, and we can even do the same thing with the local bank if you want. We can do the same thing with anywhere you think your target customers might go. And what’s really cool, is that we can tailor the adverts so we can actually show each group of these people, different ads.

If we were targeting people here at XYZ Real Estate, we might show them an ad that says, ‘If you are thinking of selling your home give us a call for a free market appraisal‘ or ‘We are the best property managers in Mosman‘ or ‘Looking for, good old – fashioned service? Come on over to YOUR AGENCY for the best service in Mosman‘.

Alternatively, to the new listing down the road, you can say to anyone that visits the home open, ‘take a look at 88 Mcleod Street, the price has just been reduced‘.

With this, we are able to track anytime somebody came from one of these ring fenced locations, viewed one of your adverts, and then came to visit your agency. We would know that was a DIRECT RESULT of them seeing that ad. You would know that you’re actually getting customers from that ad, and then you would know, without question, that your ads were making you money.

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