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"Your Competitors Spend Thousands Of Dollars Every Month To Get Customers Into Their Stores. Doesn't It Make Sense To Put Their Advertising Dollars To Work For YOU?"


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What is a GeoFence?

Now you can target customers who have recently visited one of your competitor's locations. They have already shown interest in a similar product and are likely in an early stage in the purchasing cycle you the opportunity to switch their business away from your competitors and over to YOU.


I am sure you have seen it before, you search online for a holiday then the next thing you know all the adverts you see online are about holidays. NOW THE IMPORTANT PART, we combine both technologies. When we place a Geofence around your competitor’s location and a potential customer enters the area, your message or advert is then broadcast on their devices.

Lets say we set a GeoFence around
a Competitors Business

We Target customers who attended specified events like trade shows, grand openings, etc. Event Targeting is used to build an audience based on a Geo-Fence during a specified date and time window of an event and then advertise to those customers.

We can display adverts and offers, both online and in-app, directly to Mr ABC who we know has just walked into XYZ Store across town. Lets try to capture his business and show him what you have to offer before he signs up with your competition.

Target customers who have previously been to your brick and mortar location with promotional and loyalty offers. Customers who have shown interest in your products by visiting your location are critical targets for your marketing efforts.

iPhone Your Advert

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Tool - EVER!

'Hay - We have some fantastic specials available at the moment. Our showroom is just around the corner at 1 High Street, call in for a coffee or call us for a free no obligation quotation...'

Capture your competitors clients

It's almost like putting you advertisement board outside your competitions premises

Wouldn’t it be great if you could ethically stand right in front of your competitor’s business and wait for people to walk in or out of your competition’s door, or, once consumers leave your competition’s location, follow them around and say… “Before you make a decision, look at the offers in my store.”

Unique Targeting

Ability to target a very specific set of local people who we know to be interested in your product or services.

Capture Leads

Capture 'hot leads', those that are looking at your competitors. We can use this to try to convert them before a purchase.

Client Tracking

Track your competitors clients, see who viewed your advert and those that then came to visit your store.

Offer Enticements

Push offers to those with a known interest in your product or service. Adverts will follow them around the internet.

Personalised Adverts

The ability to personalise and display different adverts to different groups of people.

No-Risk Guarantee

Amazing ROI. Advert tracking allows you to see exactly when and with who your advertising is working.

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Hot Leads
100 %
No-Risk Guarantee

Conversions Zones: How You KNOW This Stuff is Working

Conversion Zones are the most powerful tool for tracking online to offline conversions in mobile advertising. We Know Where Your Customers Are And What They're Doing

How does it work?
A virtual geo-fence is traced around your physical location. When a customer enters your location with their mobile device and has previously been served one of your ads, the Conversion Zone recognizes this and logs a new customer visit to your store.

What Happens Next?

Now it’s time to go hunting for your competitor’s customers

In a nutshell, that’s how Geo-Fencing works. And what’s really exciting, is it’s not just limited to people in the immediate geographic area. We can actually do this for anywhere in the world.
We look forward to bringing you customers very soon. But before we do that, we want to make sure of one critital thing, and that is, that your ads are never an expense, they’re always a profit centre for you.

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